Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If you’re mercilessly killed by roaming bands, you know it’s genocide

This afternoon, Bush addressed a UN Security Council session on Africa. Because he totally gives a shit about Africa.

“[M]y nation has labeled what’s taking place in Darfur as genocide, and when we find genocide it’s time to do something about it.” By which he meant, of course, it’s time for someone else to do something about it. He told the African Union that the 7,000 troops it has deployed are not sufficient: “you know better than me that the area of Darfur is bigger than France, or Texas, and both are plenty big for 7,000 troops.” The AU responded, “You know, you should really stop explaining to Africans that parts of Africa are about the same size as some European country or some American state, as if even Africans need to compare Africa to someplace ‘real.’”

Bush said, “7,000 troops is not enough, if you believe what’s taking place on the ground is genocide. Maybe some don’t think it’s genocide, but if you’ve been raped, you think it’s -- your human rights have been violated. If you’re mercilessly killed by roaming bands, you know it’s genocide.”

You can’t mock a sentence like that. Bang your head repeatedly against a table, yes, but mock, no. It’s just sort of complete and pristine, you can only read it over and over and marvel.

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