Saturday, September 08, 2007

Seeing with his own eyes

The US released 16 Saudis from Guantanamo this week. Here’s a detail the AP left out: one of these oh so incredibly dangerous men had no legs. Blown off by an American bomb in Afghanistan. I’m sure this prisoner was given the best of medical care and physical therapy, and is returning to Saudi Arabia with shiny new prosthetics, or at least a motorized wheelchair, or maybe a couple of skateboards duct-taped together.

Bush cited the Osama bin Laden video (or whoever that was), in support of his Iraq policy: “If al Qaeda bothers to mention Iraq it’s because they want to achieve their objectives in Iraq”. He added that he thinks Osama is a really smart guy and totally believes everything he says, including the thing about the Kennedy assassination, and is it really true that Muslims don’t have to pay taxes?, and...

And in today’s radio address, Bush began, “Earlier this week, I traveled to Iraq’s Anbar Province to visit our troops and see with my own eyes the remarkable changes they are making possible.” Just a reminder: the only thing he saw with his own eyes was an American airbase. Possibly there have been some remarkable changes in that airbase – a really nice swimming pool, for example – but that’s about all he could have seen with his own eyes without, you know, leaving the airbase.

It is traditional on the last day of the APEC summit for all the world leaders to dress in native garb. Chile 2004.

Vietnam 2006.

I’m sure Bush was looking forward to donning this Australian outfit,

but, sadly...

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