Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why are you destroying the country?

A NYT article in Friday’s paper about the court-martial noted the pressure in sniper units to increase body counts. It also reported that the commanders who introduced the baiting program also “sought less restrictive rules of engagement — to legalize the combat killing of anyone who made a soldier ‘feel threatened,’ for example, instead of showing hostile intent or actions.” Um, NYT, so did they get those changes or not?

Karzai says he wants to offer Mullah Omar a government position, if he only knew where he was. “If I find their address, there is no need for them to come to me, I’ll personally go there and get in touch with them,” Karzai said. He wants to ask the Taliban leaders, “Esteemed Mullah, sir, and esteemed Hekmatyar, sir, why are you destroying the country?” That’s a trick question, right?

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