Friday, November 19, 2010

All the news the Daily Telegraph sees fit to print

Today’s paper tells us that Sarah Palin really admires Simon Cowell.

And that the world’s tallest couple (she’s 6'6, he’s 6'10.4") live in Stockton.

And that Silvio Berlusconi ordered a new penis for a 2nd century statue of Mars, at a cost of 70,000. It’s attached with a magnet. “Experts studied statues of male nudes from the same period in order to determine what the dimensions of the prosthetic penis should be”. (One of the commenters on the article heard the story on the BBC, reported by David Willy.) He also had a hand restored to Mars and one to the Venus statue with which it’s paired. I suppose we should be thankful he didn’t give Venus a boob job.

Before & after:

Speaking of Berlusconi and art, here’s a picture (which I cropped) from yesterday’s NYT, showing a horse’s ass and a painting.

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