Thursday, November 18, 2010

A very Hope-y Thanksgiving

During the Bush years, the American public was invited to vote on the White House website on names for the two White House turkeys. And also on this website. Since the Obamaites have discontinued the tradition, what was once the alternative Name Those Birds Contest is now the only game in town. Have at it in comments, and here are some to start you off:
  • Tea and Party
  • Quantitative and Easing
  • TSA and Junk
  • I’m and You
  • Reid and Pelosi
  • Speaker and Boehner
  • Don’t Ask and Don’t Tell (still)
  • Sanity and/or Fear
  • Shellacking and.... oh I can’t think of another term to pair with this, so I guess just another Shellacking, because it’s been that sort of year

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