Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today -100: November 17, 1910: Of trifles

The NYT reports concerns that another “trifle” could set off conflict with Mexico – like another trifling Mexican citizen being tied to a trifling stake and set on trifling fire, presumably. But the NYT reassures its readers that in such an event, the US military could kick Mexico’s ass.

Taft, visiting Panama, reassures everyone that the US won’t annex Panama, unless it does. At a dinner in his honor given by the Panamanian president, Taft said that the treaty between the two countries made the US guarantor of the integrity of the Panama Republic “and therefore, in a sense, the guardian of the liberties of her people secured by its Constitution. Our responsibility, therefore, for your Government requires us closely to observe the course of conduct by those selected as the officials of your Government after they are selected, and to insist that they be selected according to law.” So nothing would justify annexing territory “unless there were some conduct on the part of the Panama people which left them no other possible course.” I’m sure everyone was very reassured.

The Honolulu YMCA refuses to admit a Japanese man – the Japanese vice consul, in fact – on the grounds that “the social incompatibility would militate against the usefulness of the organization.”

Startling Headline of the Day -100: “The Nigger Wins By a Nose.” Yes, “The Nigger” is what some sensitive soul named their racehorse. (After that, I came across the headline “Indians Whipped by Law Students,” which I’m happy to report is only about a football game.)

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