Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today -100: November 10, 1910: Of gifts and insulted flags

Women’s suffrage referenda passed in Washington state (having previously failed in 1889 and 1898, this time it succeeded 52,299 to 29,676), the fifth state to enfranchise women and the first to do so in 14 years, but failed in Oregon (for the 5th time, and by the widest margin yet), Oklahoma (88,808 to 128,928) and South Dakota. Condescending Headline of the Day -100: the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “Women of the State Get the Ballot by Gift of Men.”

“Our flag insulted” in Mexico City and the NYT is outraged.
The flag was torn down, trampled and spat upon “[w]hile the police looked on and seemingly made no effort to prevent it”. The Mexicans were objecting to an incident a few days ago in which a Mexican was burnt at the stake in Rock Springs, Texas (the story doesn’t seem to have made the Times, so I don’t know what the Rock Springs police were doing while that occurred). The newspaper El Diario del Hogar calls Americans “giants of the dollar, pigmies of culture, and barbarous whites of the North.” Rioters attacked actual Americans, not just the flag, including the ambassador’s son.

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