Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Daily Telegraphy, and the return of bunga bunga

News from the Daily Telegraph: a 10-year-old gives birth in Spain.

“Sicilian Bandit King’s Skeleton Is Too Short” (Salvatore Giuliano, supposedly killed and buried in 1949, evidently faked his death).

Harry Potter Blamed for India’s Disappearing Owls” (for children’s parties and, sigh, sacrifices).

And I’ve been remiss in not mentioning Silvio Berlusconi’s latest scandal, intervening to get a 17-year-old illegal immigrant Moroccan bellydancer (and not a prostitute at all, she says) who goes by the nom de bellydance “Ruby” released from police custody after she was arrested for theft. He told the cops she was the granddaughter of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. She is not. Evidently she and the PM met at a “bunga bunga” party, which refers either to some sort of sex act (possibly imparted to Silvio by Qadafi)(!) or to a dirty joke, evidently involving a pair of his political enemies and the sexual practices of a tribe of African cannibals. I’d hoped to find the exact sex act/joke before posting, but we can’t have everything.

This is the second time the term “bunga bunga” has appeared in this blog; the last time it was uttered by Virginia Woolf and friends in a rather different context.

Ruby (who says she never had sex with Berlusconi) is writing a book.

Berlusconi says, “I have a gruelling work schedule and if I happen to look pretty girls in the face now and then, it’s better to be passionate about beautiful women than to be gay.” She’s 17 years old. He’s 73.

And, not surprisingly, Berlusconi’s package catches on fire.

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