Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Today -100: December 1, 1910: Of banned operas, choppers, and fires

First Chicago, now Cleveland: Strauss’s Salome banned. The St Louis police chief says he will have to see it for himself to judge whether it should be banned, but since only one performance is scheduled there, the opera will go on.

Thomas Edison has invented some sort of flying machine. He mentions in passing that he has an old patent, but doesn’t want to talk about it or develop it, and says he has no real interest in airplanes. The machine “consists of a basket hung on a vertical shaft, on the upper end of which revolve box kites or some other form of aeroplanes, at sufficient speed to lift the whole affair.” Er, that’s a helicopter. Edison invented the helicopter, but wasn’t interested in aviation, so he didn’t develop it.

Gov-Elect Woodrow Wilson suggests that the next president should be Ohio’s Governor Judson Harmon.

A house fire in Des Moines at midnight. An old woman appeals for someone to save her trunk. One bystander volunteers to go in. Firemen try to stop him, but he goes in anyway, and drags it to safety. That bystander: Governor Beryl Carroll, who’s probably being so brave to make up for having a girl’s name. (No, I don’t know what was in the trunk.)

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