Monday, December 06, 2010

Today -100: December 6, 1910: Of immigrants, schoolboy strikers, and Big Kaiser Wilhelm’s screws

The Immigration Commission reports to Congress, recommending restrictions on the immigration of unskilled laborers. It says that most immigrants these days have been economic immigrants, not people fleeing intolerable conditions, so Americans should stop “treat[ing] that immigration movement from the standpoint of sentiment”. It suggests several possible methods of restricting immigration: a literacy test, the exclusion of unmarried unskilled laborers, quotas on “particular races,” etc. It wants to add to the exclusions or limits on Chinese, Japanese and Korean immigrants an agreement with the British Empire to ban Indians.

800 Mexican soldiers are approaching 600 revolutionists and a battle is anticipated soon in Chihuahua. It is expected to be small and yappy.

Schoolboys in Jersey City whose current school is being closed went on “strike” to protest that they were being transferred to a crappy school rather than the good one with a swimming pool and gym. A police sergeant broke up the strike by beating them with his belt. The Times finds this hilarious

Headline of the Day -100: “Big Kaiser Wilhelm Drops Screw at Sea.” Turns out to be a German liner called Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse, not the actual Kaiser Wilhelm. One of its propellers isn’t functioning. Again, that’s a ship, not the actual German head of state.

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