Monday, December 13, 2010

Today -100: December 13, 1910: Of integration, deaf people at the movies, and opium

A property owners’ association is fighting to keep negroes out of a neighborhood in Harlem. Good luck with that.

Some Jews, merchants with guild rights, will henceforth be allowed to live in Moscow.

Some people are complaining about the language spoken in moving pictures. Lip-reading deaf people. Evidently the actors in silent films cursed. A lot. A teacher of the deaf and dumb explains that “these shows are the chief source of amusement for the deaf, and they are prevented from enjoying them because they are able to understand what is being said by the characters on the screens.” Tell me about it!

Although opium importation was banned two years ago (-100) except for medical purposes, 60,000 pounds are still, somehow, being imported. Congress is considering slapping a high tariff on it, as well as on cannabis indica and cocoa leaves.

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