Friday, December 10, 2010

Today -100: December 10, 1910: Of height, Jim Crow in Charm City, fruit and the Japanese, and poor ex-kings

French aviator Georges Legagneux breaks the 10,000-foot altitude barrier.

Baltimore City Council passes an ordinance making it illegal for negroes to move into any block in which a majority of houses are occupied by white people, and vice versa. Evidently while legal segregation of facilities (schools, street cars, theaters, etc) is common, this is a novelty. The punishment is a $100 fine and imprisonment up to 1 year. No one now living in the “wrong” neighborhood will be forced to move. When a new city block is being built, the builder must specify the race of the intended residents.

Secretary of War Jacob Dickinson points out that the US military’s entire aeronautical equipment consists of one small dirigible, one Wright airplane and 3 small captive balloons (whatever that means). The air force consists of 10 people, only one of whom is a licensed pilot (for balloons). Dickinson wants to buy more planes.

Of the 370 army deaths last year, 228 were from disease (43 from tuberculosis) and there were 33 suicides, 15 homicides, and 6 killed in hostilities in the Philippines.

The California Fruit Growers’ Association convention demands that Japanese be banned from owning land in the state.

The deposed king of Portugal, the poor baby, is poverty stricken. “For three months he has not had the means with which to pay his own servants.”

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