Monday, December 20, 2010

Today -100: December 20, 1910: Of dry zones and Civil War pensions

President Taft is considering whether to modify the dry zones in Minnesota. Old Indian treaties forbid the sale of liquor on any reservations, but the boundaries were set so long ago that the dry zones now include Minneapolis, Duluth, etc. Taft is talking with the governor and the Anti-Saloon League about what to do.

In Congress, the Republican Old Guard and some Democrats are filibustering a bill to give a pension to Civil War vets who served more than 60 days ($15 a month if they’re over 65, $20 if 70, $36 if 75). The Republicans oppose it on budgetary grounds, the Democrats because, well, because a lot of them weren’t on that side, and because it would give the same pension to real soldiers and to those who joined in the last year to get large signing bonuses and who saw no actual fighting.

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