Sunday, February 14, 2016

Today -100: February 14, 1916: But votes are better

Germany, unhappy with Romania’s definition of neutrality (they’ve been selling wheat to Britain but not to Germany), makes what sounds like a threat, demanding not only strict neutrality but the dispersal of Romanian troops away from its borders. The NYT quotes a British paper quoting an Italian paper quoting a Romanian paper which says Kaiser Wilhelm personally threatened King Ferdinand when they met recently, reminding him of the fates of Belgium and Serbia and that Bucharest is only 37 miles from the Danube and WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.

The Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage is sending the president and members of Congress “valentines with more or less appropriate verses” regarding women’s suffrage. To Edward Pou (D-North Carolina) they write:
The rose is red, the violet blue,
But votes are better, Mr. Pou.
And that’s about the best of the ones quoted in the Times.

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