Monday, February 15, 2016

Today -100: February 15, 1916: There are only two things Mr. Wilson is afraid of

Woodrow Wilson’s plans to remain coy about his plans for reelection are foiled by the Ohio electoral law, which requires that candidates to be party convention delegates name their first and second choices for president and have the written permission of those choices to do so. So Wilson writes to the Ohio secretary of state that while he’s “entirely unwilling to enter into any contest for the Presidential nomination,” he is willing to let his name go forward.

Speaking of coy, Theodore Roosevelt says he will support any Republican candidate who can beat Wilson. “He has deadened the conscience of the American people by his foreign policy. ... There are only two things Mr. Wilson is afraid of – the Kaiser and myself.” Does that mean Teddy is running for president? Or, indeed, for kaiser? He does not say.

Britain will recruit 400,000 women for farm work. They’ll get an armlet and a special uniform (including trousers, which will be quite controversial, because how can you tell the Land Girls are girls? HOW CAN YOU TELL?)

British newspaper magnate and asshole Lord Northcliffe rejects suggestions that he be made Minister of Aviation, saying that others are more suited to the role and anyway he couldn’t join a government fighting a defensive rather than an offensive war.

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