Saturday, February 20, 2016

Today -100: February 20, 1916: Of dog sleds, lynchings metaphorical and otherwise, and doras

The US plans to replace dog-sled mail delivery in parts of Alaska with airplanes.

Georgia is a little upset that everyone’s noticed that one-third of the lynchings in the US last year took place in Georgia. Some are saying that the open defiance of the state’s prohibition laws has led to a disregard of the law in the form of lynching, which is just plain logic. I can’t help noticing that there are people who are referring to the ouster last year of Atlanta Police Chief James Beavers, because of his too-zealous enforcement of prohibition, as a lynching. Beavers took part in the investigation of Leo Frank and presumably others who were actually lynched in 1915, so maybe ixnay on the inchlay alktay, guys.

The British government charges Thomas Rees of the London District Engineers’ Society under the Defence of the Realm Act (DORA) for calling a strike, the first such prosecution under the act, but not the last. The workers were being under-paid for night work.

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