Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Today -100: February 23, 1916: Russia’s better future is coming

Tsar Nicholas attends the opening of the Duma. This has never happened before because tsars liked to pretend that they’d never even heard of the Duma. Prime Minister Boris Stürmer tells the Duma, “Russia’s better future is coming.” The great prophet Boris Stürmer will die in prison next year.

The British government will create a new cabinet post, which will be held by Lord Robert Cecil: Blockade Minister. Which is a weird thing to put on your resumé.

Dr. David Allyn Gorton, founder and president of the Eugenic Society of America, dies at 83. At 78 he married his 38-year-old secretary as “a practical test of his eugenic theories”; when he was 80 they had twins. He planned to experiment on them to prove that old fathers are the best fathers, eugenically speaking.

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