Sunday, February 28, 2016

Today -100: February 28, 1916: EXTRY!!!!!

Headline of the Day -100:

Otherwise known as not going to war.

For now.

Russia will now allow the wives and children of Jews who emigrated to the US to join them. They have been been banned from doing so since the start of the war.

Germany bans the importation of certain luxuries, including caviar, mandolins, pineapples, candy, perfumes, liquor, paintings, artificial flowers, feathers, etc.

Charlie Chaplin signs a contract with Mutual, giving him $10,000 a week for a year, with a $150,000 signing bonus, to direct and star in one movie per month. These will include The Rink, One A.M., The Floorwalker, and The Vagabond, which is pretty good value for money.

A NY magistrate refuses to hold two newsboys arrested for “selling papers in a loud tone of voice.”

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