Monday, April 11, 2016

Today -100: April 11, 1916: Of governments controlled by military castes, and flour sacks

British Prime Minister Asquith, responding to German Chancellor Theobald Bethmann Hollweg’s Reichstag speech, clarifies his stated war aim of destroying Prussian militarism. It is “not to strangle Germany or wipe her off the map of Europe, not to destroy or mutilate her national life.” Rather, “we intend to establish the principle that international problems must be handled by free negotiations on equal terms between free peoples, and that this settlement shall no longer be hampered or swayed by the overmastering dictation of a Government controlled by a military caste. That is what I mean by the destruction of the military domination of Prussia – nothing more, but nothing less.”

The Greek government seems to have clandestinely given 37,000 empty flour sacks belonging to Russia to Bulgaria, and the Allies are complaining about it (such sacks can be used for sandbags in the trenches).

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