Monday, April 18, 2016

Today -100: April 18, 1916: Of prisoners of not-war, and diplomatic immunity

The US Army is building a stockade in New Mexico for the Villaist prisoners they plan to capture, any day now, in Mexico. I guess they’ve decided to just ignore that whole thing about having no legal authority to hold prisoners. Current captives include 6 prisoners who “confessed” to the raid on Columbus, New Mexico.

A federal grand jury indicts former German military attaché (and future chancellor of Germany) Franz von Papen for conspiracy to blow up the Welland Canal in Canada. Also indicted are the former naval attaché Capt. Boy-Ed and others. And yes, both attachés have diplomatic immunity (and are back in Germany). Assistant US District Attorney Roger Wood doesn’t think that matters, because while they had immunity when they allegedly committed the acts, they don’t now. Someone should probably tell him that’s not how diplomatic immunity works.

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