Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Today -100: April 27, 1916: Suicide camels, they’re using freaking suicide camels!

Britain declares martial law in Dublin, suspending the right of civil trial.

A “man prominent in Irish-American affairs in the United States” informs the NYT that Irish-Americans knew all about the plans for the Easter Rising at least 2 weeks in advance, including plans to capture the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (which didn’t happen). There are mutterings in Britain about the complicity of Irish-Americans in supplying the rebels with money and arms. On the other side, John Devoy of the Gaelic American (a major organizer of the Rising from the American side) accuses Woodrow Wilson of giving the British the information they needed to capture Sir Roger Casement, information found in the papers seized from Wolf von Igel. This is still a matter of debate.

Headline of the Day -100: 

Secretary of State Robert Lansing leaks a document on the US position on submarine warfare – it’s leaked because the US will no longer discuss its demands directly with Germany, even to clarify them; it’s up to Germany to comply or else. The document says that submarines shouldn’t attack even armed merchant vessels until they “determine absolutely that the merchantman possesses the character of a vessel of war.”

German-Americans are sending tens of thousands of telegrams to Congress opposing any break in US-German relations. A couple of senators demand an investigation, because they think so many telegrams, at 50 to 75¢ each, must have been paid for by someone. Certainly someone prepared telegrams for people to send, 7 from which you can choose depending on which one best represents your views. The NYT says this shows “German industry, faculty of organization, docility to command, belief in formula”.

The New York City Board of Education opposes the proposed state law requiring military training in schools. One board member says the only countries that have that are Australia and Japan.

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