Sunday, April 17, 2016

Today -100: April 17, 1916: Byzantine bombing

British planes drop bombs on Constantinople.

Carranza’s nephew, a colonel, claims to have dug up Pancho Villa’s two-week-old corpse. He died (except he didn’t) from complications from having his leg amputated (which didn’t happen either).

A more detailed report on the Parral skirmish indicates that the people who attacked the US soldiers were actually Carranzaist soldiers. Gen. Funston complains that Major Tompkins retreated instead of slaughtering even more Mexicans.

Headline of the Day -100: 

Barnum & Bailey’s was maybe not the most tasteful entertainment enterprise.

A new issue of The Wipers Times is out, although the editors have moved on from Ypres so it is now titled The “New Church” Times with which is incorporated The Wipers Times.

“Are you going over the top? If so be sure to first inspect our new line of velveteen corduroy plush breeches. Be the fashion and look like a soldier. ... Thousands of testimonials from all fronts. Send for these and illustrated brochure entitled: ‘Breaches and Their Wearers’ Or ‘Legs make the officer.”
Farewell Ypren!* Ypren farewell!
Long have I known thee, and known thee well!
Thy stony streets, thy shell-pitted square,
Looted thy houses for dug-out ware,
Looking for cellar cool and deep,
With a shell-proof roof where I could sleep.
* “Ypren – The Belgian name for Wipers, used here to baffle the enemy.”

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