Sunday, July 10, 2016

Today -100: July 10, 1916: Of polio, Rough Riders II, submarines, and Bull Moose

New York children were kept away from churches and Sunday school yesterday. NYC polio death toll = 225. They’re also doing a lot of street-cleaning, because they have no idea how polio is spread.

Theodore Roosevelt offers the nation a division of 20,000 volunteers to be used in a war with Mexico. He would be a major general. He also expects to be able to hand-pick soldiers from the regular army. And he’ll make Seth Bullock (you know, from Deadwood) an officer.

A giant German submarine, Deutschland, is coming into port in Baltimore. It’s a civilian sub, and it may be the first sub to cross the Atlantic. This voyage is a proof-of-concept for using submarines to break the British blockade. It’s carrying dyestuffs and mail, including official dispatches for the German embassy but, contrary to rumors, no message from Kaiser Wilhelm to Pres. Wilson. The voyage of the Deutschland will be celebrated in Germany for puttin’ one over on the Brits, and the publicity campaign will include a book by the captain,

but the sub made only more trip to the US, and its sister boat, the Bremen, will vanish mysteriously in September on its way to Virginia.

The Colorado Progressive Party decides not to endorse Hughes or to dissolve itself like so many other state branches have.

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