Friday, July 08, 2016

Today -100: July 8, 1916: Of negotiations, conscription, and polio

The US accepts Carranza’s proposal for negotiations, which is a face-saving delaying tactic for everyone, a way for Carranza to back down from his demand for US troops to leave his country. The talks will drag on for months, accomplishing nothing. Pershing’s troops won’t leave Mexico, which not surprisingly is Mexico’s prerequisite for agreement on anything else, but neither will they actively roam the countryside attempting to track down stray remnants of Villa’s band.

The ambassador to the US from the Belgian government-in-exile protests that Germany is conscripting Belgians who have lived for a period of time in Germany into the German Army to fight against Belgians, violating the Hague Convention.

The death toll in the New York polio epidemic is now 187. Children under 16 are banned from libraries and park sandboxes. People are being dragged into court on charges of having no lids on their garbage cans. Stray dogs and cats are being killed. In other words, they’re attacking anything and everything (immigrants! poor people! ethnic food!) that might conceivably transmit the disease. Health Commissioner Haven Emerson says the best prevention is soap and water, sunlight and fresh air, because why not.

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