Friday, July 15, 2016

Today -100: July 15, 1916: Of sweeping scourges, bad discipline, bachelor justices, and race complications

Polio death count, New York City: 342. But it’s not growing exponentially or anything, which indicates, the Health Department says, “that the city was not in danger of a sweeping scourge that would wipe out child-life in all quarters.” So that’s good. The Health Department also points out that since the outbreak is largely confined to Brooklyn, it has the beneficial side-effect of preventing the existence of thousands of hipster great-grandchildren. Hoboken is stationing cops at every entrance to the city to turn back anyone trying to move there. I’ll just let that one sit there.

Major Gen. Wood denies that national guardsmen en route to the border aren’t provided sufficient food. He blames bad discipline. Nevertheless, more guardsmen leave their trains in Erie to raid a fruit stand and a bakery. NY Gov. Whitman rejects calls for a special session of the Legislature to provide more money for dependents, claiming it would be unconstitutional because the state constitution bans “gratuities.”

Woodrow Wilson nominates John Hessin Clarke to the Supreme Court to fill the seat vacated by Charles Evans Hughes. Clarke is a federal district court judge in Ohio. The NYT notes that he is a bachelor, which is rare on the Supreme Court, although the odious James McReynolds is also a bachelor. He and Clarke will not be best buds.

The NYT is a little upset with the choice of Clarke because he is from Ohio, replacing a New Yorker and leaving the court without one, and as we know only a New Yorker has “familiarity with the course of large affairs, as it may be observed and studied here”.

Sen. John Works (R-California) (the R stands for Racist) wants legislation to exclude Asians, “not to tolerate further race complications on our soil by preventing immigration of all peoples not of the white race.”

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