Saturday, July 16, 2016

Today -100: July 16, 1916: Of progressives, honorable peaces, British hands, sour milk, headhunting, and haunted houses

After a lot of shouting, the New Jersey branch of the Progressive Party rejects the national party’s decision to endorse Charles Evans Hughes.

Something called the German National Committee was recently formed, with a minor prince at its head, as was the custom. Its purpose is to prepare Germans for the prospect of an “honorable peace,” i.e. one that comes from negotiation rather than the abject defeat and surrender of the enemy.

Italy breaks commercial relations with Germany (Italy is at war with Austria but not Germany, for the time being).

The US State Department rules that the submarine Deutschland is an unarmed civilian merchant vessel, so it will be allowed to leave port at Baltimore.

Headline of the Day -100:

The Grand Sherif of Mecca’s revolt against Turkish rule, and gosh I’m going to have to watch Lawrence of Arabia again, aren’t I? For research?

New Zealand’s House of Representatives votes 44-4 for conscription.

Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered phagocytes, to the snickering pleasure of generations of high school students, and made great contributions to immunology, dies at 71, despite drinking sour milk every day, which he thought would promote longevity. He also claimed to have cured diabetes and that he knew how to avoid the cancer “germ” (always boil your bananas and indeed eat no uncooked foods) and that women make crappy scientists, so, um, yeah.

With their British colonial masters distracted by the, you know, war, the natives of the Solomon Islands are resuming their old head-hunting ways.

A Kansas City jury rules that a family can break their lease because their house is haunted.

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