Friday, August 19, 2016

Today -100: August 19, 1916: I’ve been working on the railroad, one-third of a live-long day

British Prime Minister Asquith has come round to the idea of women’s suffrage. In other words, the war has allowed him to back down by claiming he’s just rewarding women for their war work. However, there are no plans to hold an election during the war or to deal with the complicated issue of liberalizing the franchise and revamping the voter registration system, but when they get around to it, Asquith says, they’ll do something about women.

The railroad unions have accepted Woodrow Wilson’s proposal (they get the 8-hour day but no overtime), but the owners have not. Nor have they rejected it. Wilson tells them that a national railroad strike would incline the country towards government takeover of the rail lines. Not that HE supports that, mind you, he’s just sayin’.

Headline of the Day -100:

Pres. Wilson vetoes the Army appropriation bill over a clause exempting retired officers from courts-martial.

Authorities in Biwabik, Minnesota accuse the International Workers of the World of a couple of bombings of homes where miners who refused to go on strike lived. No one is hurt.

Portugal has supposedly been at war with Germany since March. Now it says it will get around to sending some actual soldiers. Soon.

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