Saturday, August 20, 2016

Today -100: August 20, 1916: Let us have done with war now and forever

The 31 heads of railroad companies who Wilson called to the White House all reject his plan to prevent a strike, which has been accepted by the unions.

In San Francisco, Charles Evans Hughes has lunch at the Commercial Club, which is currently fighting unionization attempts by its waiters, so he was served by scabs. He also said he wouldn’t take sides in “local” disputes between the Progressives and Republicans and Gov. Hiram Johnson.

British Minister of War David Lloyd George says “I feel for the first time in two years that the nippers are gripping and before long we will hear the crack. Then we will be able to extract the kernel.” It’s a metaphor of, er, some sort. He says this war means there won’t be another one in our day (he will die in 1945). “[W]e must have an unmistakable and unchallengeable victory that cannot be explained away by German professors to credulous people. ... Let us have done with war now and forever.”

The French public are discussing whether one of the changes brought by the war will be the end of dowries.

There are (false) reports that in Hungary, Austria, Germany and France, substantially more boys are now being born than girls. So worries about sex imbalances after the war are misguided.

Gen. Erich Ludendorff is appointed chief executive officer (Generalquartiermeister) of the German Army.

Columbia University tells landlords who rent apartments to female Columbia students that they should set aside a room for them to receive (male) visitors, as they shouldn’t be allowed to do so in their bedrooms and shouldn’t have to resort to parks. “You should not permit them to do the things you would not let your servants do.”

I was just thinking it had been a while since a lynching was reported, at least in the NYT. Five negroes are lynched in Newberry, Florida for supposedly aiding the escape of one Boisey Long, who killed a constable and shot a pharmacist who came to arrest him for stealing hogs along with the Dennis family (3 of the lynched). Another Dennis is shot dead by deputy sheriffs while “resisting arrest.” Two of the lynched were women, one of them reportedly pregnant. Long will be caught, tried, and hanged. When this Gainesville Sun article about the lynchings was being researched in 2005, members of the Dennis family still feared for their safety if they spoke about the incident.

New York City polio death toll = 1,597.

Belgium may have made no progress in liberating itself from German occupation, but its troops are helping the British conquer German East Africa.

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