Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Today -100: August 2, 1916: Has it really been two years already?

The Great War is entering its Terrible Twos. Kaiser Wilhelm says the second year of the war was a year of glory for Germany, just like the first year, and every year. “Like the memory of our dead heroes,” he informs all the prospective dead heroes, “your fame also will endure through all time.” French President Raymond PoincarĂ© says “The nations who have let loose that stupendous catastrophe have not yet completely expiated their act. But justice is on the way.” British War Secretary David Lloyd George says “we are forcing [the enemy] to evacuate step by step the countries he has profaned and ravaged.” Gen. Douglas Haig says “This third year of the war will bring the deserved punishment to Germany.”

The commercial submarine Deutschland leaves port in Baltimore with a cargo of rubber, nickel and maybe gold, making a break for the high seas.

Charles Evans Hughes does support the federal women’s suffrage amendment after all, though he carefully notes that this is his personal view, not the Republican Party’s. It’s just the most efficient way to remove the subject from political discussion and get back to ignoring women.

New York City polio death toll = 896. 55 yesterday. Health Commissioner Haven Emerson appeals to the public for $15,000 for braces and leg supports for the newly crippled (the equipment costs an average of $15). They’re expecting 2,000 children with some degree of paralysis.

Headline of the Day -100:

No, no it’s rock, paper, SCISSORS.

The Senate fails to impose prohibition on the District of Columbia.

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