Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Today -100: August 31, 1916: God help you; I can’t

When the heads of 8 major railroads told Woodrow Wilson they reject his proposals to prevent a strike, he told them, “God help you; I can’t.”

Actually, he can. A congresscritter helpfully discovers that there’s a law still on the books from the Civil War allowing the president to take over railroads and court-martial workers who fail to cooperate.

Wilson orders 15,000 state national guardsmen transferred from the Mexican border back to their home states to help with the rail emergency.

A Nebraska judge issues a restraining order against any strike on the Union Pacific. Good luck enforcing that.

The Austrian Crown Prince tells the army that while Romania is now at war with them, “Your upright soldiers’ sense will find adequate contempt for this dilatory assault.”

Polio death count, New York City: 1,911. City College and Cornell postpone the start of the new academic year.

A mob in Lima, Ohio beat up and put a noose around the neck of the sheriff to force him to give up the location of a black prisoner they want to lynch. He takes them, in a convoy of 100 cars, to Ottawa, Ohio, and manages to escape before they found out that the Ottawa cops had already moved the prisoner on.

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