Monday, August 22, 2016

Today -100: August 22, 1916: Of fines, battle cries, teachers, philanders, and protectorates

German occupation forces rescinds the fine they imposed on Brussels for celebrating the Belgian national holiday.

The British military warns Irish newspapers not to criticize the government. The government has also given itself power to prevent people entering Ireland from overseas (i.e., the United States) and deport those who entered after March 1, even British (including Irish) citizens.

The movie company Vitagraph sues Henry Ford for accusing their 1915 film “The Battle Cry of Peace” of being part of a campaign for military preparedness in the interests of munitions manufacturers. Vitagraph demands $1 million in damages. The film itself cost $250,000. And is now lost.

Speaking of lost movies, there were plans for a meeting of the British Cabinet to be filmed, but Parliament put the kibosh on it because the whole idea is vulgar. So very vulgar.

Although New York City will delay the new school year because of polio, teachers will still be paid, but they will have to sit through lectures and conferences.

Remember Philander Knox, Taft’s hilariously named secretary of state? His son is in Reno preparatory to filing for divorce. Philander Knox, Jr.

Woodrow Wilson is trying to turn the Dominican Republic into the sort of protectorate Haiti is, with the US running all its finances for it. The current American general receiver of customs in the DR is threatening to withhold payments to Dominican officials until they cave.

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