Friday, February 01, 2019

Today -100: February 1, 1919: Wong place, Wong time

Philadelphia Mayor Thomas Smith (R) is acquitted of violating election laws in the 1917 city council primaries in which a cop protecting one of the candidates was killed and thugs were brought in from Jersey City.

Theodore Wong, the head of the Chinese Educational Mission in the US, which oversees Chinese students in the US, is shot dead, along with two secretaries, at their home/hq in Washington DC. To skip ahead on this one, police will arrest one Ziang Sung Wan, hold him in secret in a hotel room for a week to interrogate him while he was badly sick, finally extracting a confession which will be thrown out, along with his conviction, as the result of that coercion by the Supreme Court in a 1924 case that ultimately led to Miranda. He will be retried twice but never convicted. There’s a recent book on all this which sounds pretty good.

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