Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Today -100: February 20, 1919: Insulting his house is just going TOO FAR

Anarchist Émile Cottin attempts to assassinate French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau, 77, hitting him with 1 (the NYT incorrectly says 3) of 7 shots. Clemenceau will make endless jokes about Cottin’s bad marksmanship. Cottin is immediately surrounded by women, who hit him with umbrellas, as was the custom, and is already giving interviews with the press. He says Clemenceau is the enemy of humanity and is preparing for another war (it’s funny because it’s true). He also says Clemenceau’s house is ugly (it’s now the Musée Clemenceau in the 16th arrondissement and yeah, kinda). Some time after his release from prison, Cottin will go to Spain to fight in the Civil War, where he will be killed in battle.

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