Sunday, February 24, 2019

Today -100: February 24, 1919: Of non-lynchings, non-civil wars, fog, and money

The NYT reports the lynching by an angry Budapest mob of Communist leader Béla Kun. This is not true.

On his return home from the peace talks, Woodrow Wilson’s ship almost runs aground in the fog, in what is definitely not a metaphor of any kind. And the Secret Service raids a couple of places looking for two Spanish anarchists allegedly planning to assassinate Wilson and for the bomb they allegedly planned to throw at him. They arrest 14 men, which may or may not include the two they’re looking for, and find zero bombs.

German Chancellor Philipp Scheidemann told the National Assembly in Weimar that civil war has broken out in Munich. The government quickly disavows this.

Poland plans to introduce its own currency in a few months, pegged to the French franc.

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