Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Today -100: February 27, 1919: Of promiscuous shooting, rioting, and parks

Spartacist uprising in Saxony, with a general strike. And in Düsseldorf armed Spartacists seize the ballots for the city council elections and burn them, then engage in “a little promiscuous shooting,” as was the custom.

Socialist journalist John Reed goes on trial in Philadelphia for inciting to riot and rioting. Last May he tried to give a speech that the police didn’t want him to give, which seems to be the extent of his “rioting.” Also on trial is William Kogerman, who allegedly tried to bite a cop who was arresting him, which he denies. (They will be acquitted).

Among other legislation passed at the end of the 65th Congress’s term, but not mentioned in this article, is one establishing the Grand Canyon as a national park.

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