Friday, May 10, 2019

Today -100: May 10, 1919: If these are the peace terms, then America can go to hell!

Germans are especially upset about being forced to give up Upper Silesia to Poland and to allow the kaiser to be put on trial. Gen. Ludendorff’s only remark to the press: “If these are the peace terms, then America can go to hell!” The German government calls for the suspension of public amusements and of all plays except those that “correspond to the seriousness of these grievous days.” Newspapers are referring to the treaty as “an instrument of robbery,” “a peace of annihilation,” and “the graveside of right.” All of which would be excellent names for rock bands. Chancellor Philipp Scheidemann says the government “must discuss this document of hatred and madness with sobriety.”

Belgium, which should know better than to remind people of its record as a colonial power when it’s trying to play on world sympathy, formally objects to the League of Nations mandate for German East Africa (Tanzania) going to Britain rather than, say, Belgium.

The British military occupy Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin. The current lord mayor since 1917 is Sínn Feiner Laurence O’Neill and he’s been holding SF meetings there.

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