Monday, May 13, 2019

Today -100: May 13, 1919: Of goats, monstrous documents, and air strikes

24 cops are ordered deployed to keep other cars from getting in the way of NYC Mayor John Hylan’s morning and evening commute as he crosses the Williamsburg or Manhattan Bridge (he lives in Brooklyn, like the hipster he is). Evidently a sugar truck failed to get out of hizzoner’s way as fast as he thought it should. Hylan is also on a crusade to get goats out of Flatbush or at least make their owners keep them on a leash.

Austrian Foreign Minister Otto Bauer says the “small German Austria” intended by the Peace Conference (which just finalized Austria’s future borders) can’t survive without merging with Germany.

And over 80% of the population of the Austrian state of Voralberg vote to join Switzerland. Won’t happen.

German Prez Friedrich Ebert tells the AP: “Germany has seized and unfurled a new banner on which are inscribed President Wilson’s 14 Points, which the president apparently has deserted.” He calls the peace terms a “monstrous document” without precedent (Brest-Litovsk, anyone?).

Some Afghan tribes invaded British India, which responds by dropping bombs on Afghanistan from airplanes, as is the custom. Secretary of War Chuchill’s idea, no doubt.

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