Saturday, May 04, 2019

Today -100: May 4, 1919: Of soviet republics, the fall of Petrograd, stuff you shouldn’t send in the mails, and driving tests

The Allies are questioning whether the German envoys sent to sign the peace treaty will have the authority to speak for renegade Bavaria. To me, it sounds like they’re calling for the violent suppression of the Bavarian Soviet Republic (already in progress) as a condition for peace.

Rudolf Egelhofer, the 23-year-old commander of the Bavarian “Red Army,” is summarily executed in reprisal for the Reds’ execution of several hostages.

The German deputation to the Peace Conference will be fenced in to keep them wandering around Paris, after 2 German newspaper correspondents were found to have (gasp) gone to the theater.

Petrograd, according to “information believed to be trustworthy” by the ever-gullible NYT, has been captured by the Finns.

In response to the mail bombs, the federal and city authorities in New York claim to be investigating 2,000 radical agitators present in the city. Many are non-citizens and may be deported.

Speaking of mail bombs, a hand grenade is found in the post office in Boston, but it was safe (as safe as a live hand grenade can be anyway) and probably just some soldier’s souvenir.

The Auto Club lobbies NY Gov. Al Smith to veto a bill that would require driving tests only for drivers in New York City.

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