Saturday, May 25, 2019

Today -100: May 25, 1919: Of Sopwiths, Dews of Death, and hotbeds of Bolshevik agitation

Hawker & Grieve’s plane is still missing. Did it go down in a cyclone?

At the very end of the war, the US had developed (we are now told) a poison gas called Lewisite, aka The Dew of Death. 10 planes dropping the stuff could have wiped out all life in Berlin, animal and vegetable, supposedly, but the war ended before it could be tried.

Headline of the Day -100: 

Stoopid epidemic.

I haven’t really been following the Lawrence, Massachusetts strike that just ended after 3 months, but the Sunday NYT has a long article of it and how Lawrence was “plunged into a hotbed of Bolshevik agitation” even though mill-owners would have happily given wage increases voluntarily, even without a strike.

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