Thursday, May 23, 2019

Today -100: May 23, 1919: Of Sopwiths, locksmiths, pogroms, and behaviourists

Hawker & Grieve’s plane is still missing.

Irish Sinn Féin leaders inform the Peace Conference that Ireland will not be bound by the signatures of the British delegation.

The NYT claims the Budapest Reds are executing dozens of counter-revolutionaries under sentences passed by a revolutionary tribunal headed by a 22-year-old former locksmith.

Polish organizations in the US deny that there are pogroms back home. Maybe some Bolsheviks were put up against a wall and shot, and maybe the Bolsheviks all happened to be Jews, but...

A Dr. John B. Watson, chair of the psych department at Johns Hopkins, addresses the International Kindergarten Union, saying “The mother who cuddles and kisses her child when he cries should be punishable by law.” Watson, who will be fired by Johns Hopkins next year for cuddling and kissing one of his students, will raise his own children according to his behaviorist precepts. Three of them will attempt suicide, one successfully.

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