Friday, July 19, 2019

Today -100: July 19, 1919: Of secret non-treaties, explanatory reservations, nons, impeachment, and lynchings

The State Dept claims that the alleged late-war German-Japanese secret treaty, published by Izvestia last November, which the Senate demanded Wilson show them, is a hoax.

Pres. Wilson holds more one-on-ones with Republican senators, as well as Dem. Gilbert Hitchcock. He evidently tells the latter that giving Shantung, the German concession in China, to Japan is not “so iniquitous as it has been painted.” I have no idea why the R’s are making such a big deal of that particular detail. Wilson’s chats with senators today seem to have focused on whether reservations the Senate might attach to ratification are interpretative or explanatory, which I’m sure is a very important distinction indeed.

The French Senate’s Electoral Committee rejects the women’s suffrage bill passed by the Chamber of Deputies.

Justice Dept investigators are trying to find out who had petitions printed calling for Pres. Wilson’s impeachment. They claim they just want to find out if it’s part of enemy propaganda. Sure they do.

Members of an Alabama lynch mob are convicted for the first time in the state’s history.

Yes, the victim was white. However did you guess?

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