Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Today -100: July 30, 1919: Germany is not dead

Third day of the Chicago race riots. 28 dead so far, 500 injured. Okay, I’m gonna say what the NYT seems unwilling to say: most of the whites actively participating in this, invading the Black Belt of Chicago in groups looking for a fight, that sort of thing, are Irish (including, very probably, future mayor Richard Daley). About as many whites are getting killed as blacks, because this is not the South. The cop who at the start of all this refused to arrest the white man/youth who threw the stones at the black kids’ raft, resulting in the drowning of one of them, is suspended. For some reason we still have no name for that black kid.

The trans-Atlantic steamship Chicago leaves Bordeaux for Chicago 4 days late because the French crew was on strike for better wine (they get a quart a day).

Italian Prime Minister Franceso Nitti, noting out that France is looking for alliances with the distant United States and with England, “which has not ceased to be an island,” but not with Italy, begs for such an alliance. “Germany is not dead,” he points out.

France is still refusing to allow the US to repatriate the bodies of dead soldiers, because it might lead to an epidemic and because they’re not letting French families retrieve their war dead.

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