Saturday, July 20, 2019

Today -100: July 20, 1919: Of POWs, red shit, race riots, and burning glasses

Germany still has 200-300,000 Russian prisoners of war. Poland, through which they would have to transit to reach Russia, is blocking their return.

Red Headlines of the Day -100:

Including, supposedly, a 70-year-old general (unnamed) for possessing weapons he kept as trophies.


Soldiers and sailors in Washington DC raid the negro part of town in response to rumors that some black guy attacked some white woman. There will be several days of this shit.

A Sunday Times Magazine article details the weapon that the British Royal Navy considered too fiendish to use: lasers.  Wait, what? “Burning glasses” –  giant lenses with mirrors and prisms to concentrate the rays of the sun at a distance, blowing up powder magazines and incinerating people.

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