Saturday, July 06, 2019

Today -100: July 6, 1919: Of dirigibles, substitutes, champs, and big hats

The R34 dirigible now crossing the Atlantic radios that it’s running out of gasoline (it met greater headwinds than anticipated) and will have to make a stop at Boston. The US Navy is sending out ships in case it needs to be towed in.

Some of ex-kaiser Wilhelm’s sons (all but the oldest) offer to serve any sentence on behalf of their father. The tribunal will have the authority to pass a death sentence.

Jack Dempsey, the new heavy-weight champeen, says he will only defend his crown against white challengers.

London hat manufacturers are wondering why men are ordering larger hats than before the war. Some have consulted pathologists who believe it is the result of constant gunfire – the heads of men with shell shock have gotten bigger, that’s totally a thing. Or they might just be getting hats that cover more of their heads, like the helmets they’ve gotten used to.

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