Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Today -100: July 31, 1919: Of race riots, surplus food, and women’s suffrage

Chicago race riots, Day Four. At least 5 more dead, a lot of arson, mostly in the Black Belt of the South Side, which is running out of food. Gov. Frank Lowden (R) is in town and could actually observe a white mob chasing two black men in front of his hotel. Mayor Thompson finally asks the governor for troops. 15,000 rifles are removed from high schools, which are evidently really well armed (for cadet drills). US Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer says the race riots in Chicago and D.C. are from local causes, not Bolshevik propaganda.

The War Department starts selling off its surplus food, through the post offices. Postmasters and mail carriers will work as salesmen.

Montana ratifies the women’s suffrage Amendment, with just one legislator dissenting. 13 down, 23 to go.

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