Saturday, August 15, 2020

Today -100: August 15, 1920: Of castles, too much money to be spent honestly, and little ententes

The Olympics open.

A crowd attempts to storm Dublin Castle. A few shots are fired. No mention of pitchforks, which are surely de rigeur on such occasions. Elsewhere, trucks bringing mail from England are intercepted and government correspondence taken.

Russian artillery flashes are visible from Warsaw.

In Sioux Falls, FDR makes fun of Harding’s front-porch campaigning, saying it’s great to get around the country and hear from all sorts of people and who wouldn’t want to do that: “I cannot understand the viewpoint of a man in a similar position to mine who would set up a little shrine in his front yard and expect the people to come there and worship without taking advantage of this opportunity.” He also warns that Republicans are raising a $30 million campaign chest; “I believe that is too much money to be spent honestly.”

Some Republican members of the House of Representatives’ Reapportionment Committee are contemplating reducing the representation of Southern states that deny the vote to blacks, as set out in the never-used section 2 of the 14th Amendment.

Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Romania sign the “Little Entente,” a treaty for mutual defense.

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