Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Today -100: August 19, 1920: The civilization of the world is saved

The Polish army turns back the Russian siege of Warsaw. Everyone is very surprised.

The Tennessee House of Representatives votes 50-46 in favor of the federal women’s suffrage Amendment (an earlier vote to table was lost by a single vote). This should be the end of the ratification process but it isn’t because there may (Spoiler Alert: will) be a vote on rescinding the ratification, and then possibly a legal challenge under the Tennessee Constitution.

Presidential candidate Gov. James Cox praises the ratification: “The civilization of the world is saved. The mothers of America will stay the hand of war and repudiate those who traffic with a great principle.”

Alice Paul, the chairman of the National Woman’s Party, says “The victory of women today completes the political democracy of America and enfranchises half the people of a great nation.”

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