Monday, August 24, 2020

Today -100: August 24, 1920: Of ethnographic limits, Mexican Protestants, and Jewish seats

The US informs Poland that it won’t support any military action by Polish troops beyond the “ethnographic limits of Poland.” Poland promises to behave.

Dozens of houses and businesses and a boot factory supposedly owned by Irish Nationalists in Lisburn, near Belfast, are burned down by Unionists in retaliation for the assassination of Inspector Swanzy, and employees are being told to sign a pledge that they are not in Sinn Féin and are loyal to king and country.

The bishop of Aguas Calientes and Leon calls for Mexicans to oppose the spread of Protestantism. Priests should demand that children at first communion promise never to read Protestant propaganda, and to avoid the English language, which is just a Trojan horse for Protestantism.

The Committee of Jewish Delegations will campaign for a special Jewish seat in the League of Nations.

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