Friday, August 07, 2020

Today -100: August 7, 1920: Of street car strikes, Irish crimes, and frooks

Denver police and/or armed strikebreakers open fire on striking street car workers who were advancing on the car barns, killing 3. The city is now being patrolled by tanks with machine guns. The American Legion is also patrolling.

The British Parliament passes the Irish Crimes Bill 206-18, after a walkout by Labour and Irish Nationalist MPs. An amendment to limit the imposition of courts-martial to one year is rejected.

Dorothy Frooks, lawyer and suffragist orator since the age of 11, announces that she will run for Congress from the 27th district of New York. I don’t think she does, although she will in the ‘30s, but this is a good excuse to link to her 1997 obit.

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  1. The real gem in the Dorothy Frooks obit has to be "Miss Frooks, who was married in 1986..."

  2. Who was plainly not interested in the continuation of his lineage.