Saturday, August 08, 2020

Today -100: August 8, 1920: The house of civilization is to be put in order

Gov. Charles Cox gives his acceptance speech for the Democratic presidential nomination, endorsing US entry into the League of Nations: “The house of civilization is to be put in order. The supreme issue of the century is before us, and the nation that halts and delays is playing with fire.” He is strongly against making a separate peace with Germany, as Harding wants. “We are in a time which calls for straight thinking, straight talking and straight acting.” He doesn’t explain what times don’t call for these things.

The Sunday NYT Magazine tells us that Harding is a baseball fan who played first base on the Marion team, and that Cox likes horseback riding, hunting and fishing.

Tennessee Gov. Albert Roberts finally calls a special session of the Legislature to vote on women’s suffrage. Including a poll tax provision, in case you laughingly thought Tennessee would allow black women to vote.

The “race war” in West Frankfort, Illinois against Italians continues, despite the occupation of the town by State Guards with machine guns. A mob attacks a house and kills a man.

Under the deal for Pancho Villa’s surrender, he will get a large estate and the government will pay 50 of his followers to act as guards.

Charles Ponzi says his new Charles Ponzi Company will open tomorrow. “Some of [my managers] may be arrested, but I doubt it.” He expects investors to give $10 or 20 million in the first couple of weeks, with no other security than his word. “My clients must have faith in me. I’m going through.” He plans to buy Shipping Board vessels. He’s ignoring Massachusetts Attorney General J. Weston Allen’s request that he come in for an interview because he is too busy to “bother” with it.

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